Sunny has been a lot time yoga student and teacher. Her classes aim to create a nurturing environment for her students to support inward focus and exploration. After spending a couple years abroad in Korea, Thailand, Costa Rica and Bali, she moved to the Bay area and is currently learning about ayurvedic nutrition. She shares her passion for yoga through teaching, writing and photography. She also enjoys climbing, hiking and exploring the coast.

Yoga Photographer:

Currently in the Bay Area, sharing and expanding the light of yoga. Helping yoga teachers to uncover their true potential and build an online presence.

Certified 500-hour RYT Yoga Teacher & Writer:

Teaching and writing about yoga, meditation, ayurveda and wellness.


Yoga Student Testimonials:

Sunny has become a good friend over the last year, inspiring and reminding me to connect with my breath as often as she does. It’s amazing to be around someone who generates such a calm, accepting atmosphere. In terms of walking the walk, Sunny transcends the superficial stereotypes of modern Western yoga by maintaining humility with her daily yoga, breathing, and meditation practice I so often catch her in.

Eric Cassidy

Sunny’s teaching style is calming and grounding. Her kind, genuine personality make a student of any level feel at ease during her class. I especially like her creative and intelligently sequenced flows and how profound her teachings are on and off the mat

Valentina Rose

Sunny’s classes are a practice of strength + flexibility, breath, and restoration. Her thoughtful sequences deliver a deep element of mindfulness and creative flow that explores fluid/dance-like movements. She incorporates transitions that help the practitioner safely achieve asana’s form, foundation of breath, and balance of rhythm. Sunny’s classes help me cultivate body awareness, leaving me feeling grounded and renewed.

Dave Thompson