Path of A (Yoga) Teacher

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What does it mean to be a teacher? A great one? Teachers take on many different titles and moving parts. As teachers, we show up prepared. As teachers, we must understand first. As teachers, we explore ideas. As teachers, we listen to stories. As teachers, we keep learning. If you kept exploring, wouldn’t every person, […]

Mindfulness Is Simple (Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh)

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Simplicity Yoga is a practice of becoming more mindful. You may notice that when you first start to do yoga or meditate, you’ll find a lot of distractions arise and the mind continues to have its perversions. It is easy to get distracted but directing your energy is all part focusing on one thing at a […]

Take a Step Back, You’ve Got This.

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Take a breath, slow down. Feel yourself, be a part of the process. Take a step back, you’ve got this. In a world that seems to be moving at every rapid speed and quickly changing, with an ever-growing reliance on technology, information and our smartphones, it’s no wonder we so often feel like we’re gasping for breath. […]

Take A Good Hard Look At Your Self: An Insight to How Words Affect

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A couple of days ago at Perch, a local coffeeshop in Oakland, as I greeted my coworker farewell at the end of our shift, I was confronted with an issue I never experienced before. My coworker, avoiding my gaze that would otherwise be unalarming in our work setting, asked me if she could express something that […]

10 Yogic Sayings Explained for Ways to Help (Re)create Balance

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It is common for people to go through dry spells or feel burnt out. We all have, at one point of another, felt uninspired, overworked, wanted to check out and just plain exhausted from the humdrum of life and the prevailing idea of not ‘being enough’. We don’t always have time to go to cook healthy […]

Tips on Becoming a Rad Yoga Teacher (+Tools to Use)

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It’s not easy being green, it’s not easy being me and it sure isn’t easy being a yoga teacher. THERE, I said it! I took my first yoga TT in 2011 and then my last one in 2015. Through both teacher trainings, there were so many challenges I faced that weren’t covered in my yoga teacher training manuals. It was after […]